Duplo Offset Bookletmaking Systems

Duplo DBM-150 Fr, Friction Bookletmaking System
World's Smallest Automatic Bookletmaker

Duplo System 1500, Bookletmaking System (Friction)

The 150Fr Booklet System is Duplo's entry-level collating and bookletmaking system. Integrating the DFC-100 Friction Feed Collator with the DBM-150...

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Duplo DBM-150 C, Suction Bookletmaking System
Uniquely Compact And Highly Productive

Duplo System 1500, Bookletmaking System (Suction)

The Duplo 150C Booklet System integrates the DBM-150 Bookletmaker with up to two DSC-10/20 Suction Collators, providing an entry-level collating and...

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Duplo System 3500 Bookletmaker
Mid-Range Bookletmaker With Compact Suction Collator

Duplo System 3500, Suction Bookletmaking System

The mid-range, fully-automatic Duplo System 3500 incorporates up to two DSC-10/20 Collators with the DBM-350/T Bookletmaker & Trimmer. Offering...

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Duplo iSaddle, Saddle Stitching System
Precise & Highly Intelligent Saddle Stitcher

Duplo iSaddle, Saddle Stitching System

The DBMi Saddle System is Duplo’s heavy-duty, high volume collator and saddle stitcher; and the first in its class to deliver the increasingly popular,...

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