Duplo Premium DocuCutters

Duplo DC-446, Automated Creaser
Automated Creaser

Duplo DC-446

Prevent toner cracking and unattractive fold lines on documents with the Duplo DC-446 Creaser. A simple and affordable finishing solution no digital printer...

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Duplo DC 616PRO Slitter Cutter Creaser
Slitter, Cutter, Creaser

Duplo DC-616PRO

The Duplo DC-616 PRO Slitter/Cutter/Creaser is the perfect finishing solution for the short-run, on demand digital printer. Designed to remove white borders...

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Duplo DC-646, Slitter/Cutter/Creaser
Slit, Cut, Crease & Perforate

Duplo DC-646

The ultimate all-in-one finishing solution. At a speed of up to 30 sheets per minute, the Duplo DC-646 can process up to 8 slits, 25 cuts and 20 creases in...

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Business Card Cutters

Duplo Ultra Cut 240
Duplo Ultra Cut 240

Mid-Level, Multifunction Finisher

The Duplo Ultra Cut 240 is a mid level multi-function finishing solution for digital printers. Equipped with Duplo's brand new Digital...

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Integrated Folders

Duplo DC-445 IFS, Integrated Folding System
Integrated Folding System

Duplo DC-445 IFS

The Duplo DC-445 IFS is a fully-automated vacuum-fed creasing and folding solution perfectly adapted to the requirements of digital print...

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